Deliberate Failure

Jono Dry’s How I Plan My Drawings has a nice suggestion for how to zero in on the boundaries of an idea (in the context of an artistic work, but it seems likely more widely applicable).

Namely — intentionally increase the failure rate of what you’re trying to accomplish …

11 Foot 8

11 Foot 8 is the nickname of a bridge in North Carolina that everyone essentially crashes into.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube of various “can opening” crashes despite numerous warning signs.

Blame the User

Sometimes it’s worth pondering this bridge in the context of “blame the …


Poka-Yoke is a methodology in which a system is designed to methodologically discourage incorrect operation.

E.g. (from the above Wikipedia page):

a fixture that holds pieces for processing might be modified to only allow pieces to be held in the correct orientation, or a digital counter might track the …