Madame Wong’s

Madame Wong’s was a restaurant in LA’s Chinatown which beginning in the late 1970s became important for promoting the growth of punk music.

It was owned by Esther Wong, who ultimately became known as the “Godmother of Punk” for the restaurant’s role as a punk venue.

A …

Electric Guitar Knobs

Don’t roll knobs immediately up to 10.

Doing so means that the only on-body adjustments that can be made are downward.

Instead, set volume down at least 1 stop, and then set appropriate amp settings (which will require more gain).

For tone, setting it half-way will give room in …

Spreadsheets Are Cool

Using a spreadsheet is an oddly good low-tech way to write out the layers of a song (for e.g. covering it / reproducing it).

As an example, for Jai Paul’s All Night, writing out something like:

Section Time Lyric Slow Attack Chords Doop Chords Wah Melody Drums
      x …