Speak Your Silence

It is not enough to remain silent when questioned in order to invoke one’s right to remain silent. As of Berghuis v. Thompkins and Salinas v. Texas the supreme court ruled that simply remaining silent is not enough for silence not to be used against someone in court. One …

Ad Blockers & the FBI

There’s now at least one official FBI PSA containing a recommendation to use an ad blocker:

Tips to Protect Yourself


Use an ad blocking extension when performing internet searches.

Taylor Swift sexual assault trial

In 2013, Taylor Swift was groped by a radio DJ, who was subsequently fired.

When the DJ sued for defamation and claimed he was wrongfully terminated, Swift countersued for battery and sexual assault, seeking $1 in compensation.

She won, and was awarded the $1.

Intelligence and Wealth

There is some evidence (Zagorsky, 2007) that in the U.S., intelligence (as measured by IQ) is not correlated with wealth, though is correlated with income and financial distress.

The paper also contains an interesting table (Table 1) containing correlation factors for a number of other features beyond IQ score …

Enclaves in Enclaves in Enclaves…

Dahala Khagrabari was, until 2015, the world’s only counter-counter-enclave — a patch of India, surrounded by Bangladesh, surrounded again by India, and surrounded again by Bangladesh.

Wikipedia has more info on the history of this and other enclaves.

This video summarizes things.

The Dutch Reach

The Dutch Reach is a coined name for a suggestion to always open car doors using one’s opposite hand (i.e. across one’s body).

It’s suggested as a way to ensure one checks for ongoing cyclists coming from behind the vehicle.


A fomite is an inanimate object which, when exposed to pathogens, can transfer disease to another person or host.

Dolphins Are Whales

Dolphins are a species of whale. Specifically, cetaceans (an infraorder of animals which is Latin for “whale”) are divided into toothed whales, such as dolphins and beluga whales, and baleen whales such as blue whales.

Race” & Fraternal Twins

Fraternal twins, which of course need not have any physical similarity, can also differ by “race”, or at least societally perceived race.

A few cases are noted in this Vox article.

(The article also points out that this is no different from any other physical characteristic which may differ in …


The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a fundamental routing protocol of the internet which allows big networks (“autonomous systems”) to decide which paths to use to route traffic between each other [1].

Specifically, given some autonomous systems which connect to others, BGP allows systems within an autonomous system to reach …

Connectivity Outages

There is a mailing list hosted here which tries to centralize reporting of outages across communications infrastructure (networks).

NANOG is a broader intentioned group, but one which typically will report or opine on outages as well.

Modern Chess Technicalities

The modern Chess rules had some unintended technicalities even until the 1970’s.

In particular, until the rules were amended, it was possible to read the castling rules as allowing a pawn promoted to a rook to then vertically castle with a king on its original square — i.e. e8 …

Bitcoin Lost

An analysis [1] calculates that the fraction of bitcoin “permanently” lost (due to e.g. wallets without keys, etc.) is around 25% of current circulation.

[1]found via this article (and originally I believe in a podcast I was listening to… forget which)